A Beautiful Smile is like a work of art....

                                                     And the confidence that comes with it is priceless !


     Dr. Zunka offers you a unique dental experience that is different from any you've had in the past.  Our practice features a friendly, caring team using the latest in dental technology.  Over the past 40 years Dr. Zunka has created one of the leading Cosmetic, General and Holistic dental practices in the country.

     Your smile is your biggest asset !  It is the center of your first impression and self-esteem.  Dr. Zunka looks at all interacting components of your smile (teeth, gums, mouth, jaw and face) and strives to make them all come together in the most attractive and natural manner.  Part artist and part technician, he sees the potential for form and beauty in your smile and employs knowledge, skill and state-of-the-art technical expertise to transform that potential beauty into reality.

     If you have been accustomed to rushed impersonal treatment at the dentist, we know you'll appreciate Dr. Zunka and our whole Team !