Calcium & Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium from the gut. Vitamin D comes in different forms: Natural form – Collicalciferal, Active forms D2 25-Hydroxy, excrete calcium binder protein for calcium absorption out of the gut into the portal vein system. Hector Delaca, Ph.D., Vitamin D expert, University of Wisconsin reports, "preliminary studies show that synthetic sources of active forms of Vitamin D improve bones and decrease fracture incidents in post menopausal women." If the system doesn't produce enough Vitamin D you may need 1,000 I.U.'s dihydroxy Vitamin D a day to stimulate the production of enough calcium binding protein by the gut.

How can you tell if the system is converting Vitamin D from natural to active form? This requires checking the blood level of calcium and the plasma level of dihydroxy Vitamin D. When the natural form of Vitamin D is increased, recheck the blood chemistry for an increase in calcium level and plasma level of Vitamin D 125 Dihydroxy. Some sources of Vitamin D are: Natural form – Cod liver oil supplemental, D2 5,000 I.U. – D3 1,000 I.U.

Vitamin D in the younger population hasn't been shown to be a big problem. The body will produce Vitamin D in the skin from being in the sunshine. The area where it's becoming a problem is in the elderly population where they are house bound and parts of the country where there is significantly less sunshine like the Pacific Northwest.

New studies show that #15 sun block decreases the effective sun rays to the skin by 80% which now is putting a younger population into a Vitamin D deficiency.

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