Are They The Keys To Unlocking Life’s Sustaining Energy?

The contributing factors and health statistics show a continued rise in illness and disease despite advancements in diagnostic technology and treatments.


Did you know that?

·        Every 2.9 minutes a woman contracts breast cancer?

·        Every 3 minutes an American male is diagnosed with prostate cancer?

·        Type 2 Diabetes is rapidly growing not only in adults but also in children? In the next few years over 10% of all American adults will have diabetes?

·        Osteoporosis is currently the fastest growing epidemic at 12% per year?

·        700,000 tons of pollution is dumped into the air and ground every day? 70 years ago the percentage of oxygen and air was 35%, today it’s only 7%?

·        Depleting soils have caused major loss to the essential nutrients, their enzymes and minerals?   What is left is then further diminished to the use farming chemicals and processed food?


Enzymes:  An Essential Nutrient To Activating Our Immune System And Producing Energy.

        Today’s Enzyme supplements are marketed as “the missing link to the fountain of life” and “the miracle nutrient that can heal, prevent, and reduce ailments from arthritis to cancer.”    

        In truth, this “miracle or link“ are three types of enzymes found in every living cell of our bodies.  Without enzymes, life itself could not exist.

Metabolic Enzymes: 

      The energy to blink the eye, to move a finger, to think, to feel, to take a breath; the nerve signals that make the heart beat…depends upon the chemical reaction of metabolic enzymes and their energy factor. Each of these finely tuned chemical reactions is responsible for all the functions of every organ system in the body required to keep us alive.  Metabolic enzymes are produced by every living cell.  However, the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and other organs play a vital role in their production.

Digestive Enzymes: 

     The ability for nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream and the waste to be discarded depends upon digestive enzymes.  They are secreted along the digestive tract to break food down.

Food Enzymes: 

     We can only get these enzymes through eating raw food and taking supplemental enzymes. These raw foods naturally provide a source of digestive enzymes when ingested but only enough enzymes to process that particular food, not enough to have any support systemically.  The cooking and processing of food destroys 100% of its enzymes.

            Our bodies can only naturally produce two of the three types of enzymes, digestive and metabolic as they are needed.  Food enzymes can only come from eating enzyme rich raw  foods. These food enzymes are heat sensitive so the cooking and processing of food destroys all of its enzymes. Everyone is born with an “enzymes bank”, and enzyme deficiency occurs if your bodies reserves start to diminish causing an enzyme deficiency due to aging, poor diet, illness, or injury causing a wide variety of health problems, accelerated aging and overall health breakdown.

            All nutrients including vitamins, minerals and trace minerals cannot be utilized properly without enzymes. Enzymes improve and support the immune system function and under the right conditions proteolytic enzymes (Plant or Protein based) breakdown protein and have an anti-inflammatory effect and accelerate healing. Enzymes help vitamins and mineral to function.  At the same time vitamins and minerals help enzymes to function.

            These life sustaining enzymes are responsible for our health.  We have only begun to discover how to use these “key” nutrients to unlock “life’s sustaining energy” and its potential in health and disease. Supplemental enzymes can help the body in normal functions and restoring function of the body’s systems in disease, stress and /or injury.